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Geoffrey K. Mitchell

Professional Experience

Mr. Mitchell has considerable experience in the natural gas and electric utility fields where he specializes in the conceptual development, organization, marketing and management of long-term energy supply projects. His work in the energy supply area of the utility industry includes supply acquisition, marketing, facilities design and construction, project feasibility, economic analysis, rate development, project financing and regulatory affairs. He has worked as a consultant to gas and electric distribution utilities, pipeline companies and other energy-related entities in both the United States and Canada. He has also worked for non utility clients on several energy projects in the Mid East and assisting the US ExIm Bank with gas related project evaluations.

Prior to establishing Brant Energy, he founded and lead Merrimack Energy Company, Limited that developed several gas storage projects; was a founder, officer and director of First Reserve Gas Company; and, was an officer and major shareholder in the Boston based energy development firm, J. Makowski Associates. He began his energy career at Lowell Gas Company where he was involved in the Company’s distribution system operations, gas supply and underground storage activities, as well as its LNG peak shaving facilities construction program and its LNG/LPG trucking subsidiary.


Throughout his career, Mr. Mitchell has been involved in a number of energy supply project developments as well as consulting opportunities, including:

The Jordan Cove Energy Project in Oregon

The Hattiesburg Gas Storage Project in Mississippi

The Wild Goose Gas Storage Project in northern California

The 500 MW Ocean State Power Project in Rhode Island,

The Iroquois Gas Transmission System pipeline project

The 15 MW Lawrence Hydroelectric Project in Lawrence, Massachusetts


In addition to his consulting and project development activities, he is a past natural gas representative on the Massachusetts Energy Facilities Siting Council and served on the New York Mercantile Exchange Natural Gas Advisory Committee. He was a Director of the Nova Scotia Tidal Power Corporation and Reed Consulting Group of Lexington, Massachusetts and also served on the 2003 National Petroleum Council LNG Subcommittee.

He currently serves as a member of the Board of Governors of Rothesay Netherwood School of New Brunswick, and is an Executive Fellow at the Asia-Pacific Foundation of Canada.

Mr. Mitchell holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nuclear Engineering from Lowell Technological Institute.

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